10" Archer Pole Saw Guide Bar 3/8"LP-050-40DL replaces Oregon 100SDEA218

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Archer 10" guide bar, this guide bar is .050 gauge and uses a 3/8"LP (low profile) pitch chainsaw chain with 40 drive links. This guide bar fits pole saws that are using an Oregon A218 type mount and works when the unit is equipped with a 3/8" pitch sprocket. 

This guide bar fits the following pole saw and pruners and works with a 40-drive link 3/8"LP (low-profile) pitch chain, that is .050 gauge. 

Echo Pole Saw: PPF-210, PPF-211, PPT-230, PPT-231, PPT-260, PPT-261

Echo Power Pruner: PP300, PP400, PP600, PP800, PP1200, PP1250, PP1260, PP1400, PP1400-D, PPF-2100, PPF-2400, PPSR-2122, PPSR-2433, PPT-2100, PPT-2400

McCulloch: 10E, EB12ES, EB14ES, EB16ES, MCC3516, MCC3516F, MCC4516F, MCC4516FK, Ms1630NT, Ms1640NT, Ms1425, Ms1630, Ms1640

Maruyama: MCV31R, MCV31T

Toro: ProLine Pruner

Notice: Only works when the unit is equipped with a 3/8" pitch sprocket! 

The guide bar replaces Oregon part# 100SDEA218 and works on units that are using an Oregon 100SDEA218 type guide bar, but please note this guide bar uses a 40-drive link chain which is a very poplar size chain. 

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