10" Chainsaw Chain 3/8LP .043 39DL repl. ECHO POLE PRUNER PPF-225 PPT-260 PP1200

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This is (1) loop of very high-quality professional Archer Chainsaw Saw Chain. The chain is 3/8LP pitch, .043 gauge and has 40 drive links. This chain works on many pole saws, pruners and chain saw that are using a 10" guide bar. The chain replaces Oregon part numbers 90PX040G, 90VXL040G and 90VG040G and Stihl part number 61PMN-40. This 10" Archer chainsaw Chain is 3/8" LP (low profile) .043 gauge and has 40 drive links, it works great on Ryobi models Ryobi ONE 18V Cordless Chainsaw, CS 1800 18 Volt Cordless, P2520, P540, P542, P543, P545, P546, P547, RY40570, RY52003, RY52003A, RY52604, RY52907, TP30, RY15520 & ZR15520 and pole saw model RY40506. Replaces Ryobi Part Numbers 693814001 and 693814001.The chain is compatible with the 10" Bauer Model 64940 cordless chainsaw. The chain is compatible with the AEG 12V/58V 244mm pole saw. The chain is compatible with the Worx 50033429, WG322, WG322.9, WG323, WG323.9 10" Cordless 20V 9040.
***This chain is a non-safety professional chainsaw chain***All Archer chains are made from high quality Japanese steel!
NOTE: ALL CHAINSAW CHAINS ARE A CALLED LENGTH AND REPLACEMENT CHAIN ALWAYS FIT WHEN YOU ORDER THE CORRECT PITCH, GAUGE, AND DRIVE LINK COUNT! If you need any help in determining what size chain, you need please contact us. Archer Saw Chain, Archer Guide Bars and Archer Accessories are known for quality and sold worldwide!