10" Chainsaw Saw Chain Remington 3/8"LP .050 Gauge 40DL Pole Saws models + S40

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Archer Chain Saw Chain Remington
10" Chain
3/8" LP
.050 Gauge
40 Drive Links


Works great on Remington models WIZARD POLE SAW models106821A, RM1015P, RM1015SPS, RM1025SPS, RM1025P, RM1425, RPS2N1, PS1510A, 075703L, 075705J, 075762J, 075890L, 076728K, 098031J, 099039J, 099178H, 100089-05, 1000089-06, 100089-07, 100089-08, 106890-01, 106890-02, 107624-01, 107625-01, 07709-01, 107714-02, 108526-01, EL-6, EL-7, EL-9, EL10, ES1514AS, ES1514US, LNT-2. ELECTRIC MODELS EL-1, EL-1FS, LNT-2FS, LD4016AW, 107624-02, 407625-02 


Replaces Remington part# 713-04088


***This chain is a non-safety professional chainsaw chain***

Note: All Chainsaw chains are a called length, in order for your replacement chain to fit you must always match the pitch, gauge and drive link count ! 

The drive link count is the number of drive links in the loop of chain, the drive link is the tri