100ft Roll .325 .050 Semi-Chisel Chainsaw Chain

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This is a 100ft reel of Archer Semi-Chisel Saw Chain .325 pitch .050 gauge. This chain replaces the sizes of Oregon 33LG, 20BPX, 20LPX,  Stihl 23RMC and Carlton K1C.

The reel comes with: 25 pre-sets, 25 tie straps and 25 Archer branded loop boxes.

Listed below are five things that are great to know about Archer Saw Chain.


(1) Archer knows that the quality of the rivet is the key to high quality chain. All rivets are manufactured to the highest tolerances and are processed  through 4 different heat treatment processes to ensure maximum and optimum performance. The induction hardening high frequency generators to make this chain are state-of the-art and ensure optimum hardness and performance. 


(2) All Archer saw chain cutters are shot peened to increase the tensile strength and make all parts much tougher. 


(3) Archer only uses high quality Nickel Alloy steel to manufacture their saw chain. The high quality steel ensures toughness and durability to accommodate all conditions and climates. 


(4) All Archer cutters are automatically sharpened to ensure 100% accuracy and uniformity so that sharpness from the box is at its optimum. 


(5) All Archer saw chain cutters are plated with industrial chrome. The process they use ensures a lasting cutting edge and a superior stay sharp quality.


Archer Saw Chain and Archer Guide Bars are known for quality and sold world wide!