12" Chainsaw Saw Chain Blade 3/8"LP .050 gauge with 44-drive links replaces Y44 S44

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 This is (1) loop of very high quality professional Archer brand Saw Chain. The chain is 3/8LP pitch, .050 gauge and has 44 drive links. This chain works great on ECHO model PPF-225, PPF-260, PPT-280, PPT-266, PPT-280,  POWER PRUNERS that are use a 12" guide bar that are .050 gauge. This chain also works on many chain saw brands that are using a 12" guide bar that is .050 gauge like the Stihl models 009, 009L, 010, 011 012, 015, 017, 018, 018C, 019, 019T, 020T, 021, 023, 023C, 023L, E 10, E 14, E140, MS 170, MS 171, E 180, E 180C, MS 180 C-B, MS-180CMS 180 C-BE, MS 181, MS181C, MS 190T, MS191 T, MS 192C, MS 192TC, MS 200, MS 200T,  MS 210, MS 210 C-BE, MS 211, MS 211C, MSE 140, MSE 140 C, MSE 140 C-BQ, MSE 180 C, MSE 180 C-BQ

The chain replaces part numbers 91VXL44CQ  91PX044G N1C-44E 63PM3-44

Note: All Chainsaw chains are a called length, in order for your replacement chain to fit you must always match thpitch, gauge and drive link count ! 

Archer Saw Chain, Archer Guide Bars and Archer Accessories are known for quality and sold world wide!