12" TsuMura Hard Tip Carving Guide Bar Dime Tip .043 Highest Quality Made!

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This is a 12" TsuMura 8mm tip (about the size of a dime), .043 gauge carving guide bar. This is the "ultimate" carving guide bar for the chainsaw artist who would like to make precise designs in their carvings.  This guide bar is a "Multi-Mount" so it fits most small chainsaw that are used for carving.


The carving bar is .043 gauge and uses a 64 drive link 1/4" pitch chain when the chainsaw is equipped with a 1/4" pitch sprocket.

When the chainsaw is equipped with 3/8" pitch sprocket, you would a .043 gauge chain with 44 drive links. 3/8"LP (low profile) pitch .043 chain.

The nose on this guide bar is "Stellite" alloy and is gas welded to the tip of the guide bar which makes it high resistant to wear.

TsuMura guide bars have the reputation of being the highest quality guide bars made today!