16" Guide Bar 3/8LP-59DL HOMELITE CHAINSAW 160DGEA061 200 240 245 SUPER-2 XL2

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Archer 16" professional guide bar, this guide bar is .050 gauge and uses a 3/8"LP (low-profile) pitch chainsaw chain with 59 drive links. 

Please note this guide bar is a solid steel (not laminated) professional guide bar  with a replaceable sprocket tip!

The guide bar fits most of the older small Homelite saws such as the model 180 series,190,192, Bandit, Classic 192, ELECTRIC 200, 240, 240SL, 245 before serial# XE339, LITTLE RED, LX-30, SUPER 2, SUPER 2CC, V1 SUPER 2, XEL-14, XEL ELECTRIC, XL, XL2 after #504-2001, XL-2CC, XL-10,XL-14, XL-16 when equipped with a 3/8"LP (low-profile) sprocket. Replaces Oregon part# 160DGEA061



Archer Saw Chain and Archer Guide Bars are known for quality and sold world wide!