20'' Archer Guide Bar .325-058-76DL for DEREAL 6220F, Baumr-Ag SX52 52cc Blue Max 8901 X-BULL

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This 20" Archer professional laminated sprocket nose guide bar that is .325 pitch .058 gauge and uses a 76-drive link chain.  This guide bar fits the Baumr-AG models SX52, the Blue Max 53543, 8901, 8902, the 62cc X-BULL, the ORCISH 62CC, the SALEM MASTER 6220H 62CC, the Garwinner 62cc, the Timberpro CS-5800, the DEREAL 5820F & 6220F, the WEMARS 62CC and the 62CC COOCHER chainsaws and works when the saws are equipped with a .325" pitch sprocket.

Archer guide bars, Archer saw chain and Archer chain saw accessories are high grade products and are sold through out the world.