20'' Guide Bar .325-058-76DL Baumr-Ag Blue Max X-BULL DEREAL 6220F WITH CHAIN!

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This 20" Archer professional laminated sprocket nose guide bar that is .325 pitch .058 gauge and uses a 76-drive link chain.  This guide bar fits the Baumr-AG models SX52, the Blue Max 53543, 8901, 8902, the 62cc X-BULL, the ORCISH 62CC, the SALEM MASTER 6220H 62CC, the Garwinner 62cc, the Timberpro CS-5800, the DEREAL 5820F & 6220F, the WEMARS 62CC and the 62CC COOCHER chainsaws and works when the saws are equipped with a .325" pitch sprocket.

The guide bar is shipped with a full chisel chain, however if you want us to substitute a semi-chisel chain or even a ripping chain it is no problem, just add a buyer's message at the time you are placing your order and tell us what chain we should ship with the guide bar. 

Archer guide bars, Archer saw chain and Archer chain saw accessories are high grade products and are sold throughout the world.