32" TsuMura LIGHT WEIGHT Guide Bar 3/8-063-105DL Makita Husqvarna Jon 323RNDD009

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This is a new 32" TsuMura LIGHT WEIGHT  professional guide bar,  the bar is 3/8" pitch, .063 gauge and runs a 105 drive link chain. This LIGHT WEIGHT guide bar is 20% lighter then a standard bar of this size. The guide bar is built with staggered, dove-tailed notches that are packed with hard resin which reduces the weight by 20%.

This guide bar works on the larger Husqvarna models like the 61, 65, 66, 77, 181, 185, 260, 266, 272, 272XP, 280, 285, 288XP, 298, 365, 371XP, 372XP, 380, 385, 390XP, 392P, 395XP, 562XP, 570, 575XP, 576, 2100, 3120XP also works on Jonsered models 625, 630, 670, 2065, 2071, 2077, 2083, 2094, 2095, 2165, 2171, 2172, 2186, 2188, etc. and other brands of chain saws like:

Echo model: CS-7310

Makita models: EA7900PRZ, DCS6401, DCS6421, DCS7301, DCS7901, DCS9000, DCS90 

Dolmar models: PS-6400, PS-6400H, PS-6400W, PS-7300, PS-7300H, PS-7310, PS-7300H, PS-7900, PS-7900W, PS-7910, PS-7900H, PS-7910W, PS-9000, PS-9010, PS-9010F 

Partner P-65 P-70 P-85 R-11 R-12 R-14 R-16 

Shindaiwa (SDK) 550, 575, 577, 680, 695, 757 and Solo 603, 643, 662, 667, 670, 675, 680, 681, 690, 694

The guide bar also works on Efco, Olympyk models 970, 980, 981, 181, MT7200, MT8200   

Replaces Oregon guide bar number 323RNDD009

TsuMura guide bars have the reputation of being the highest quality guide bars made today! They were sold for 40 years under the TOTAL SUPER bar name.


  • Made from the finest quality, high-carbon tool steel.
  • Sprocket Tips feature large-diameter sprockets encased by heat-treated carbon steel.
  • Solid one-piece milled high-carbon steel bar that has a brushed steel finish.
  • Rails are precision-ground to uniform tolerance.
  • Longer tip reduces chain "hammering" of bar rails for longer bar life.
  • The TsuMura Pro "FV" tip has been engineered to provide long service life, with a thick sprocket and strong cogs that stand up to hard use and extreme temperatures.
  • The sprocket tip is firmly held by three rivets and is recessed into the bar body for excellent stability and accurate chain feeding.