42" Guide Bar Pro .404-063-123DL 051, 076, 088, 090, MS880 Stihl Farmertec G888

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This is a 42"Archer Professional Solid Steel Sprocket Nose Guide bar that works on Stihl. This guide bar fits the large Stihl guide bar mounting pattern and works on Stihl models like the 008S, 050, 051, 070, 076, 084, 088, MS880 & MS881. This guide bar also fits the Farmertec Blue Thunder G888.

NOTE: Your chainsaw must be equipped with a .404" pitch sprocket for this guide bar to work. 

The bar is .404 pitch, 063 gauge and uses a 123 drive link chain like we have in our listing number 383682874603

Note: This is a solid steel guide bar that comes with a replaceable sprocket nose tip, the tip is not made by Oregon but an Oregon replacement tip will fit right on this bar.


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