Archer Chainsaw Saw Chain Breaker Spinner COMBO Repair Tool Pro Bench Mounted

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Archer Professional heavy duty Chainsaw Chain Breaker and Chainsaw Chain Spinner Combo.

The Archer Professional Steel Chain Breaker, is ruggedly built for years of reliable service. It's smooth cam action is specially designed for optimum leverage, providing fast and easy chain breaking. The breaker includes adjustable anvil for all size chains, allen wrench, punch for 1/4"-1/2" pitch chains, small punch for .043 gauge narrow-kerf chains and operator instruction manual.

The Archer Professional Chainsaw chain bench mounted chain spinner comes complete with (2) Spinner handles and (2) Spinner Inserts (1) for 3/8" - .404 and (1) for 1/4:-3/8LP chains and instruction manual.

We also stock Replacement Punches for the chain breaker!


Service Tip: When breaking saw chain always be sure your punch is exactly centered over the rivet you are punching out or you will break your punch