Emak Efco Brushcutter Trimmer Head 63019011A Quick Load 10mm X 1.25 LHF Tap-N-Go

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This is a genuine OEM trimmer head part# 63019011A for Efco brushcutters and trimmers. 
This Professional "Quick-Load" head features an easier to load nylon line, without having to open the head. Simply feed the line through the eyelets and turn the knob, it's that simple.  It is also fitted with the Tap-N-Go system so the line can be extended with motor running by simply tapping the head on the ground during machine use. The trimmer head comes loaded with .095 size round green trimmer line. This head has a 10mm X 1.25 left hand female shaft thread. Emak is the parent company of Efco
  • Quick Load
  • Head diameter 130mm
  • Tap-N-Go
  • Nylon Line
  • Line Capacity = 26ft
  • Knob 100% Aluminium 
Efco models: 
DS 2800 S, DS 2800 T, DS 3200 S, DS 3200 T, DS 2600 4S, DS 2500 S, 8250 IC ERGO, 8250 ERGO, DS 2800D