New Airecut 300 12" Tri-Blade Brush Cutter 12 inch Brushcutter Blade

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The Airecut blade is the ultimate cutting tool.

The blade has a unique aerofoil twist that creates a strong upward airflow which carries the material away from the cutting area, saving energy, loss of power, fuel and time.

No Clogging Self Sharpening bevel and airfoil twist.

12" Tri-Cut Blade has a 1" Center Hole and the blade is shipped with a 20mm adapter bushing so you can use this blade on units that have a 20mm arbor shaft. This blade is 3.00mm thick.

This 12" Airecut blade is designed to be used on brushcutters up to 30cc equipped with bike-handle bars.

The operator needs to use face and eye protection when using this blade.