Oregon Electric Chainsaw Saw Chain Rivet Spinner Repair Tool 552225

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Oregon Electric Chainsaw Chain Spinner.

Precision cut spin rolls and anvils provide factory like spin results.

The OREGON Compact Electric Rivet Spinner enables shop technicians the flexibility to locate and secure the rivet spinner to any available, solid work surface.

Direct visibility of the work area while spinning.

Clear and quick change-over of anvil / spin-roll insert pairs.

Naturally positioned handle allows for easy, continuous operation when applying pressure in the rivet spinning area.

Voltage 120V - 60Hz, Rated Power 85W, Weight 16.5 lbs. / 7.5 kg.

Features + Benefits

  • Includes two spin roll and anvil insert sets for spinning 1/4in., 3/8in. low profile, 0.325in., 3/8in. and 0.404in. chain pitches
  • Precision-cut spin rolls and anvils give factory-like spin results
  • Compact bench-mount design securely attaches to any solid work surface to save space compared to stand-alone rivet spinners
  • Spin area has no obstructions for direct visibility of the work area
  • Lack of obstructions facilitates quick changeover of anvil and spin-roll insert pairs
  • Ergonomically positioned handle makes it easy to continuously apply pressure

Note: This spinner will not work with for 3/4" pitch harvester chain.