Tecomec Electric Chainsaw Saw Chain Rivet Spinner Repair Tool Oregon 552225

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Tecomec Electric EasyRivet Spinner provides professional spin results while speeding up your chain loop production.  The large wheel handle allows for quick set-up and the precision-cut spin rolls and anvils produces a precise peened rivet every time. The high torque, gear drive 120 volt  motor runs at a low rpm to prevent "burning" the rivet. The compact bench-mount design securely attaches to any solid work surface, saving space compared to large stand-alone rivet spinners. We stock all the parts for this Tecomec electric spinner and of course all the parts for this spinner also fit the Oregon model 552225 electric spinner too.



Note: This spinner is not recommended for 3/4" pitch harvester chain.
  • Includes two spin roll and anvil insert sets for spinning chainsaw chain: (1) set is for spinning 1/4", 3/8LP (low pro) & .325 pitch chain (replacement part# K00500057) and (1) set is for spinning  standard 3/8". & .404 pitch chain (replacement part# K00500056). 
  • Low speed, gives you precise riveting with no rivet burning to give you factory like spin results. 
  • Cast Iron Body
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 85
  • Easy to install at any work shop.
  • Spin area has no obstructions for direct visibility of the work area
  • Lack of obstructions facilitates quick changeover of anvil and spin-roll insert pairs
  • Ergonomically positioned handle makes it easy to continuously apply pressure


 Tecomec is an Italian company established in 1985 and is located in the Reggio Emilla region, this area is renowned worldwide for its top in quality technology. Tecomec is a company of the Emak Group which, in turn, belongs to the Yama Group with over 30 companies affiliates and represents the biggest Italian group engaged in the design, production and sales of farming, gardening and forestry applications.