Tecomec EVO Chainsaw Saw Chain Bench Grinder Sharpener Oregon 410-120

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Tecomec Professional "EVO" Chainsaw Saw Chain Grinder


The NEW Tecomec EVO chainsaw chain saw grinder features durable construction and a dependable cool-running 220-watt direct drive motor. It will sharpen chains 1/4", 3/8LP, 3/8" and .404 pitch, round, semi-chisel and chisel cutter configurations. It will also sharpen 3/4" pitch chain by ordering optional accessories. The grinder has a built-in light and a self-centering chain vise that has easy to use adjustments. This grinder can be mounted on bench, wall or vise. The grinder comes with (3) grinding wheels (all 5-3/4" diameter with a thickness of 1/8", 3/16" &  1/4") dressing brick, template and (2) Hex Wrenches. 


The EVO grinder uses the same size grinding wheels as all the larger Tecomec and Oregon model chain grinders and we stock all the parts for this grinder, if there is something you are looking for please send us a message.


  • Easy Assembling 
  • 3 Installation types: Wall, bench and vise.
  • Right/left hand chain saw grind equality
  • Adjustable for the "Down Angle" 
  • Well Visible Scale
  • LED Light
  • Frontal Arm Setting Handle
  • Self Centering Vise
  • UL approved
  • CE approved


Note: While your looking at EVO chain grinder we might suggest you check out the Tecomec COMPACT chain grinder in our listing number 381918670400, the COMPACT model is just a few dollars more then the EVO but for a few dollars more you can get a grinder with a larger more powerful 300-watt motor.    


Tecomec is the world's largest manufacturer of professional chainsaw saw chain grinders!


Tecomec is an Italian company established in 1985 and is located in the Reggio Emilla region, this area is renowned worldwide for its top in quality technology. Tecomec is a company of the Emak Group which, in turn, belongs to the Yama Group with over 30 companies affiliates and represents the biggest Italian group engaged in the design, production and sales of farming, gardening and forestry applications.