Tecomec Heavy Duty EasyLoad Trimmer Bump Head Husqvarna 232L, 322L 322R 325LX

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This is a professional commercial quality Italian Tecomec EasyLoad Tap-N-Go trimmer head, it has an Aluminum knob that stands up to hard knocks. Lower line shield flange helps prevent line breakage at the eyelets. The head is shipped with 16.4' of trimmer line. Holds up to 19.7' of .095" or 16' of .130" line in this trimmer head. The size of the arbor bolt included with this head is 10mm x 1.25 LHF. 

Note: The shaft bolt is shipped separately but the shaft bolt is very easy to install, simply squeeze the two tabs on the trimmer head body and the head comes apart, drop the shaft bolt in and then squeeze the head back together. We also stock all the parts for this trimmer head. 

Tecomec Tap-N-Go EasyLoad Trimmer heads offer the great convenience of fast and easy line reloading without having to disassemble any part of the head. Simply line up the two arrows on the head and feed the line through the eyelets and turn the knob; it's that simple. Check out "EasyLoad Trimmer Heads" on YouTube and see why they are called EasyLoad! 

Fits Husqvarna Models: 122L, 123L, 125L, 223L, 225, 225L, 225LD, 225R, 225RD, 225RJ, 227LD, 232, 232L, 232R, 322L, 323R, 323L, 323R, 324Lx, 325L, 325LX, 322R, 324Rx, 325Lx, 325Rx, 325Rx, 326L, 326Lx, 326LDx, 326Rx, 326RJx and works when the trimmer is equipped with a shaft bolt that is 10mm X1.25 LHF in size. Replaces OEM number 531300183


Tecomec is an Italian company and they are a world leader in producing Chainsaw, Brushcutter and Trimmer Accessories. Please visit their web site at to learn more about this company that since 1985 has been selling great product all over the world!